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Supergun arcade ProGamer

An advanced,reliable and dramatically polyvalent arcade supergun

Please note that you'll need an RGB input,SCART or video adapter

Exclusive ProGamer features  :

- Autofire included

- Voltmeter included

- RGB pots to manage each color

- Auto Generated -5V (1W max)

- Easier configuration only by switchs (no Jumpers)

- Multiple Audio OUT
Power Distribution screw Terminal Blocks (other colors are available please check my other sales )
- 20 X Connectors 16A for multi purposes including industry,arcade cabinets,flight simulators,aviation in miniature,model boats,etc....
Please keep in mind that a mix is actually a lot of 4X terminal block (one of each color)
All terminal blocks are wired together so then an input current in one of them will be split to all others 
So you'll obtain : 1 X Input - 19 X Outputs


Easy to install PAL Av mod for Atari 2600 / 7800 , connect your atari videogame system directly to your monitor using a standard RCA AV cable and get rid of the UHF integrated one ! It's the smallest and the easiest to install in the market