Homebrew player

Homebrew player, a simple low cost way to test demos/homebrew/games on your original videogame

system.Great stuff for cartmodding, simply place a burned eprom on your homebrew player,insert it in your

videogame system and play your demo / homebrew / game directly on your videogame system. It's usefull,

cheap and easy to use. We can also burn and test eproms for you

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Test Cartridge Revision 4

Used to test the visual output of the vector monitor, as well as sound and controller functionality.

The Test Cartirdge comes with:

LINEARITY PATTERN: for Vertical/Horizontal sizing and more
DAC OFFSET: For advance technicians
INTEGRATOR OFFSET: For testing onscreen line continuity
CHECKSUM: Making sure the system ROM is good
DEFLECTION PROTECT: Helps adjust the brightness
SOUND TEST: As it says, tests the sound output of the Vectrex
INTENSITY ADJUST: Used to adjust brightness for various screen objects
FOCUS TEST: Making sure your Vectrex has well defined screen output
DISTORTION TEST ONE: Checking for symmetrical appearance
DISTORTION TEST TWO: Checks for spacing and symmetrical patterns
KEY PANEL TEST : Controller tests for both joystick ports