Power Distribution screw Terminal Blocks (other colors are available please check my other sales )
- 20 X Connectors 16A for multi purposes including industry,arcade cabinets,flight simulators,aviation in miniature,model boats,etc....
All terminal blocks are wired together so then an input current in one of them will be split to all others 
So you'll obtain : 1 X Input - 19 X Outputs

Power Distribution 2 X 12 screw Terminal Blocks 16A with voltmeter included
+ 1 power supply Barrel Jack 5.5 X 2.1mm ,the most standard to plug in any kind of power supply
+ 1 terminal with 2 blocks that can be used as an input or an output power supply ( to wire it using 2 directly 2 wires or to daisy chain a couple of them ,let's see below for examples of use )  
The integrated voltmeter can handle about 3 to 30 VDC, Alternative current isn't supported; it can be removed and used everywhere if needed as it's only wired to its dedicated screw terminal block
It's mutipurpose and can be used everywhere including arcade cabinets,models,industry,etc...