24/20-pin ATX Computer PC Power Supply Bench Top Power Board Module Adapter

Power adapter ATX PC to terminal blocks 12V 5V -5V and 3.3V led arcade etc.


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Power adapter ATX PC to terminal blocks 12V 5V -5V and 3.3V for LEDs, power supply of arcade terminals and/or all that could require a large and varied power supply

PART 1: Product Description

Whether you need 12V to power LEDs, 12V / 5V and -5V to power an arcade or 3.3V to test an electronic fixture, a PC power supply can offer you all that.

Everyone has an old PC that no longer serves; and even if it's not the case, ATX power supplies has the best Value for money as their cost and quality have nothing to do with what you can buy in the power supply market. It's possible to find a 300 or 500 watts used ATX power supply for less than 10 euros. This is perfect especially if you need a lot of power at a reasonable cost.

This ATX to terminal adapter turns any ATX PC power supply into a versatile power supply you can easily connect to using its multiple screw terminal blocks.

Features :

- Presence of an ON / OFF button
- 6 X +5V connectors on terminal block 16A
- 10 X GND connectors on terminal block
- 1 X -5V connector on terminal block (Caution, the -5V is not present on all ATX power supplies, if your power supply does not provide it, this output will not deliver any voltage)
- 1 X -12V connector on terminal block
- 4 X +12V connectors on terminal block
- 3 X 3.3V connectors on terminal block
- 2 "Power Con" connectors to easily connect a remote ON / OFF button if this adapter is not intended to be accessible (in this case put the integrated button on "OFF", and connect your new (any self lock) button using two wires to the two Power Con terminals )

The maximum usable power depends solely on your power supply (up to several hundred watts admissible and up to 16A/terminal)

- 1 X 24 pin ATX connector also compatible with 20 pin connectors for absolute compatibility with all ATX power supplies and optimal distribution of the electrical load.

PART 2: Examples and tutorials for use:

Example of connection with an old 350 watt power supply purchased for less than 10 euros on ebay:

The power supply has a 20-pin connector, 4 pins remain unused. Thanks to the keying system of the ATX standard, you can only  put the 20 pins connector  at it right place, otherwise it just doesn't enter.

The available current is written directly on the power supply, ie in this example the values ​​given on the label: 

WARNING, this is only an example, adapt this calculation according to the data listed on your own power supply.

So remember this very simple formula derived from the law of ohm: P (power in Watts) = U (in Volts) X I (in Amperes)

I now have:

+ 3.3V X 15A = 49.5 Watts at 3.3V
+ 5V X 25A = 125 Watts at 5V
-5V X 0.6A = 3 Watts at -5V
+ 12V X 13A = 156 Watts at 12V
-12V X 0.6A = 7.2 Watts at -12V

And I have all these powers simultaneously, be careful not to exceed the power calculated, otherwise you could destroy your power supply (actually not really as ATX power supplies as far as I know all have an integrated surge protection but it could happen).

PART 3: Security Information:

Attention, this adapter must not be in direct contact with a conductor (water, metal, etc ...), to avoid any risk of short-circuit. It can be placed on an insulating surface or fixed using its 4 holes M3 (diameter 3mm) located at each of its ends. The M3 format is certainly the most standard and allows to use PCB feet, spacers, screws, etc ...

rear part of the adapter:

I also propose on ebay a version sandwiched between two insulating plexiglass plates and mounted on fixing feet.
There it is :

PART 4: Who is Retroelectronik?

We are a very young and small French company (creation at 10/2018) which manufactures as much as possible its products in France. Thus, the "ATX to terminal adapter" is entirely designed and assembled in France. It is naturally also shipped from France.

Warning, the explanations which follow concern only the products which we develop in own and which are therefore stamped retroelectronik. We are also resellers and the products we resell are mostly imported, we also love quality foreign products.

All products marked retroelectronik are currently designed and assembled in France. We have indeed invested in efficient production tools that allow us to assemble in France for a price close to foreign outsourcing and this allows us greater responsiveness and flexibility in our production. So we are also master of the quality of manufacture.

Regarding development, product design, I decided to develop a partnership with a school BTS in electronics.It is indeed essential that small and very small technology companies integrate the training effort on their own, without what high tech will disappear from the national territory for lack of skills.We thus contribute voluntarily to the training of students, provide components, and problems.Nous benefit in return from the creativity of nine minds.For later, once graduated, these students will have no difficulty finding a job!

Do you want to help us? So let us know your comments, functions could be added to our products. Finally, talk about us if you are satisfied with us, contact us if you are not, there is always a solution to everything!

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