PCB Advance JAMMA To Scart RGB adapter Retroelectronik

PCB Advance JAMMA To Scart RGB adapter Retroelectronik

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PCB Advanced JAMMA2SCART by Retroelectronik

The JAMMA PCB Advance To Scart takes place between the PCB and the JAMMA port of your arcade cabinet
The card was designed to replace the easiest way the original arcade monitor by any screen with a SCART input. 

By default,it's in automatic mode,just a plug and play tool. 

Sometimes, however, some monitors tire, some colors become less vives.It also happens that you have to use non-standard monitors or flat screens. In this case the colors can be too bright or dull .Finally you can be meticulous and want to customize the display of your colors. 

To fit these individuals but frequent cases, it seemed essential to add pots to let you adjust the three primary colors. 

Just Flip the switch of the color you want to adjust from "automatic" to "manual" and the card gives you back the complete control of the selected color through its potentiometer.It's simple and efficient.


- Video transmission from JAMMA RGB signals to the SCART RGB in to keep original video quality
- No audio signal transmission to the SCART 
- automatic AV switching 
- Plug and play solution,no setting needed OR fine-tuning features to suit your needs
- Supports up to six buttons on the JAMMA wiring 
- 4X standard M3 mounting holes to easily fix the PCB inside your cabinet throughout PCB feet 

Plus: As this card is intended to settle in an arcade cabinet, you'll certainly need to fix it for a secure and clean mounting,and so,you'll obviously need PCB feets. 
That's the reason why we include 4 PCB feets with this order :

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