Gold Plated SEGA Megadrive / Genesis replacement PCB + plastic shell

Gold Plated SEGA Megadrive / Genesis replacement PCB + plastic shell

Sega Genesis / Megadrive  PCB - eprom to cartridge adapter cart modding and development + Euro / US Shell


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pack of a US / Euro shell cartridge + a gold plated pins cartridge PCB


About everything yo build your own game,you'll just need to print your label and an eprom ( EG : 27C400 , 27C800 , 27C160 , 27C322 )

Genesis / Megadrive cartridge PCB replacement with gold contact. With it,you can repair a faulty game cartridge using it and an eprom.  You can also do a clean cart modding, sale your own SEGA 16bits games,etc...

I also have for sell some black ones that aren't gold plated at a lower price,they're available in my ebay shop. they both operate the same way,but these ones are Gold plated

This item works the common EPROM 27C322 (32Mb / 4MB) but it also works with commons M27C800 , M27C400 and M27C160.   I also sell some eproms 27C322 in my ebay shop. This offer includes programmation  for the case you wouldn't have an eprom programmer.

See below how i've repaired a cartridge using this PCB

About all games,demos,homebrews released will work with it.The only ones that won't work are Street Fighter II ( higher than 32Mb , but actually I've just tryed an image found on the web and it works perfectly so ....) ,Virtua Racing (has an extra Sega Virtua Processor in the cartridge) and a few games with RAM (mainly sports games,but also sonic 3 , Wonder Boy in Monster World/Wonder Boy V - Monster World III,some Megaman - the Wily Wars/Rockman MegaWorld,etc...).

You'll have to solder an eprom.You can optionally solder a capacitor.But actually I've never soldered it for my tests and all eproms/roms works well without it. If you use a 27C322 Eprom,you'll also have to solder the SP2 Solder point. For all other eproms, you'll have to solder a pull-down resistor (10K or higher values) and the SP1 solder point. If needed,I can do that for you,just let me know which eprom you're going to use.

It's easy,just follow this explanation :

SEGA genesis megadrive 16bits pcb for cart modding

This is how i've repaired a faulty SEGA 16bits cartridge using the SEGA replacement PCB :

The faulty PCB :

cart mod SEGA 16bits cartridge pcb

Once opened : the old PCB and the new one

sega 16bits opened cartridge and pcb

The Eprom has been soldered :

sega Genesis and megadrive pcb repair

It perfectly fits the old case :

pcb sega genesis megadrive cart mod modding

Repaired,perfect !

repaired sega megadrive and genesis pcb cartridge

It would be a good idea to test your eprom's rom prior to solder it. You can use a megadrive / genesis homebrew player for that purpose. it's sold in this website.

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