Atari 2600 replacement PCB for repair,Prototyping , test or cart modding

Atari 2600 replacement PCB for repair,Prototyping , test or cart modding

Atari 2600 game PCB - eprom to cartridge adapter for cart modding,development and videogame cartridge repair . Gold contacts for a (very) long life living.

up to 4KB/32Kb


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Atari 2600 cartridge PCB replacement . You can repair a faulty game cartridge using it and an eprom.  You can also do a clean cart modding, sale your own Atari 8bits games,etc...

If you need a practical example of use,You can take a look to this tutorial about how i've repaired a colecovision smurf paint'n'play cartridge using the equivalent PCB for colecovision .

This item works the common EPROM 27C256 , 27256, 27C128,27128 .   I also sell these eproms in my shop. This offer includes programmation  for the case you wouldn't have an eprom programmer.

About all games,demos,homebrews released will work with it (up to 256kb / 32KB).

You'll have to solder an eprom.Depending on the eprom you'll use,you'll also have to solder a solder point like described on the picture,it's easy,just follow this explanation : Solder SP1 if you use 27128,solder SP2 if you use 27256

Colecovision pcb cartridge for cart modding

It would be a good idea to test your eprom's rom prior to solder it. You can use a Colecovision homebrew player for that purpose. it's also sold in this website.

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