Tutorials How to repair a Vectrex cartridge using cart modding methods

This is a short tutorial explaining how I've repaired a Vectrex game cartridge using cart modding methods

 Vectrex cartridges are certainly the most simple ones for cart modding .

For example,I'm going to explain you how I've repaired an Armor Attack Vectrex cartridge using cart modding methods (yes,cart modding can be legal,but obviously,you can also use this method to do whathever you want :) .

My armor Attack cartridge just didn't work and I've decided to repair it.

Here is the Vectrex Cartridge :

Vectrex armor attack cartridge to repair using cart modding methods

To repair it,i've used a Vectrex cartridge PCB available here :

Vectrex PCB cartridge for cart modding

As I've only had a 27C256 ,I've burnt it with an Armor Attack binary. If you don't have an eprom programmer,you can buy a 27256 burnt with the content of your choice here.

I've soldered the 27256 eprom to the Vectrex cartridge replacement PCB,this is the result :

Vectrex armor attack original cartridge with vectrex replacement PCB 

So then,I've just had to remove a screw to open the cartridge,you'll see below the original faulty PCB and the new replacing one.

 Then i've just had to remove the old one and place the Vectrex cart modder instead.

As you can see ,the cart modder perfectly find its place :

Vectrex cart modding system in an original cartridge

Just place back the screw and .... Oviously you have a new Armor Attack game system :

armor attack working on a vectrex system cart modding

Thanks for watching and if you have any question, please feel free to contact me at contact@retroelectronik.com

Have a nice day !