how I've repaired a Colecovision game cartridge using cart modding methods

This is a short tutorial explaining how I've repaired a Colecovision game cartridge using cart modding methods

To do the job,I've use the colecovision game cartridge PCB available here


Colecovision cartridges are quite simple for cartmodding .

For example,I'm going to explain you how I've repaired a Smurf Paint'n'Play Colecovision cartridge using cart modding methods (yes,cart modding can be legal,but obviously,you can also use this method to do whathever you want :) .

My Smurf cartridge just didn't work and I've decided to repair it.

Here is the Colecovision Cartridge :

colecovision cartmodding smurf cartridge

As I've only had a 27C128 ,I've burnt it with a Smurf binary. If you don't have an eprom programmer,you can buy a 27256 or 27C128 burnt with the content of your choice here.

So I had to solder the SP1 solder point :

colecovision cartmodding cartridge pcb game

I've soldered the 27128 eprom to the Colecovision cartridge replacement PCB. Then I had to open the cartridge,it's easy,there is only 2 screws to remove ,this is the result :

cartouche colecovision smurf a reparer

As you can see ,the cart modder perfectly find its place :

cartouche colecovision smurf a reparer

Just place back the screws and .... Obviously you have a new Armor Smurf cartridge for your colecovision ( sorry for the poor quality of the picture) :

cartouche colecovision smurf a reparer

Thanks for watching :)