Pack Arcade Supergun ProGamer Retroelectronik + Alim + 2 adaptateurs PSX + pad

Pack Arcade Supergun ProGamer Retroelectronik + Alim + 2 adaptateurs PSX + pad


Including €0.00 for ecotax


Complete kit including Retroelectronik supergun ProGamer + 250W Seasonic silent ATX power supply (reconditioned) + 2 PSX adapters to supergun + 2 PSX pads 

That's all you need to get started in the arcade world. You will only need one cable   standard PC power supply.

Retroelectronik brand product, a guarantee of quality, designed and manufactured in France

progamer user manual

PSX v2 adaptors user manual

We designed this supergun to be both the most powerful and the easiest available on the web

The Pro gamer is our top model

The Supergun Pro Gamer System is our high-end model that takes all the features of the supergun essential system that we also offer on our site and adds innovative features such as autofire, auto-generation of -5V, an integrated voltmeter etc ....

Added features specific to supergun pro gamer:

- BUILT-IN AUTOFIRE for the 6 available buttons of both players (ideal for contests and superplay)!

- Integrated voltmeter , the supergun can also switch between + 5V and + 12V to check your power

- Automatic or custom color management by color potentiometers of the video

- -5V built-in: The supergun can generate its own -5V (up to 1W), some modern power supplies no longer providing -5V 

- Simple configuration only by switch (no solder point or jumper)

- Added Audio Outputs: by two RCA, amplified output jack, unpowered output jack, audio output through scart socket

Features common to retroelectronik superguns:

- Accepts the largest number of card types ( JAMMA, JAMMA +, MVS, IGS PGM, Pandora's box, little elf, 60in1, etc ...  )


- Power supply by arcade power supply or ATX 20/24 pins


- No soldering required for configuration


- 2 Neo Geo connectors extended up to 6 Buttons


- Control connection also available via terminal blocks to be integrated into a custom controller.


- ON / OFF button present (only for ATX power supply, unused with an arcade terminal power supply) and remote for easy integration into a custom controller.


- SCART compatible (RGB) and RGB terminals by terminal blocks


- the largest number of extensions available (cover of course, autofire to the championship standard, adapter levers SEGA megadrive / genesis 3/6 Buttons, adapter 4 players IGS PGM, etc ...) at the best price.


- The best quality available (JAMMA connector industrial quality, the largest power supply tracks for a longer life, the only one made in France, extended warranty, galvanic isolation of the sound to protect your TV and your game card, etc. ....)


- Integral wiring, no limitation, the sound is wired as the image and controls.


- Speaker jack output


- Audio terminal blocks


- Mono / Stereo Switch


- M3 holes for fixing, PCB feet supplied with supergun for easy fixing


The card as you will receive it with its mounting feet provided:

Here are the controller wiring diagrams   (drawn by me and you can freely distribute if you wish) (refresh the page if you can not see the image)   :

The Supergun Retroelectronik in details:

Why is it the most versatile?


1- Because its configuration system makes it compatible with almost all the arcade cards on the market:

JAMMA, JAMMA +, MVS, IGS PGM, Pandora's box, little elf, 60in1, etc ... The supergun accepts games using up to 6 buttons! Others know how to do it?



2- Because its system of configuration is done in simplicity.

It is the only supergun of such versatility available to date that requires NO WELDING: everything is done only by switch



3- because the retroelectronik superguns work just as well with an arcade power supply as with a PC power supply

Indeed, both types of connection are available. But more, this supergun is the first (to my knowledge) to have a 24 pin ATX connection (retrocompatible with ATX 20 pin connections but ensuring a better distribution of the electric charge, promordiale thing for the longevity of a supergun ).

Connecting a 20-pin power supply to the supergun 24-pin multi-purpose connector (here the supergun essential, but the pro gamer has the same connector):


4- Because it has in series a built-in autofire for both players

Protect your fingers and buttons from unnecessary violence, gain comfort or attack the best high scores. To trigger the autofire, simply press start and the desired button (s) for 2 seconds.



5 - Because it has an integrated voltmeter

Ideal for finely tuning the 5V of a recalcitrant arcade card



6 - Because it can generate its own -5V

Modern power supplies often do not provide -5V any more, the supergun pro gamer generates its own -5V (within 1W)



7-Because we are not only resellers, we are also developers and assemblers

So we develop dozens of exclusive extensions and at the best price that will add new features to your supergun.


We have already developed the neogeo auto fire, the megadrive2neogeo adapter to also allow you to use megadrive controllers 3/6 buttons (the autofire is included), the scanlines generator (to make the old screen aspect to modern TV high resolution), custom kick harness connectors to be compatible with all JAMMA + games, IGS PGM 4 players adapter (under finishing) to play 4 players on oriental legend and knights of valor without buying a second supergun.

an example: megadrive adapter to neogeo supergun with integrated autofire:

An accessory seems to be missing?

Contact us, we are competent and efficient, we can create it. And we are always looking for new ideas for our future developments!



8- Because we are open to personal initiative!

Take the example of kick harness, useful for some mythical JAMMA + cards like street fighter 2 or mortal kombat, but also the much less known fighter's history. We can make a custom cable for you, but we also provide the wiring diagrams so that you can do it yourself for a few euros if you know how to solder (see the user manual).

Kick harness wiring diagrams:

What about quality?

Quality is, more than versatility and performance, our best asset. How is the quality and durability of a supergun measured? The answer is simple: by controlling the end-to-end production, by putting electric power tracks as large as possible (because the game cards consume for some many amperes, which would weaken see destroying poorly proportioned tracks) , by selecting the best quality for the JAMMA connector.

1- How to master the quality of production from start to finish?

By assembling the card on the spot! We are the only sellers of superguns (to my knowledge) to have their own (small) production workshop on our premises! Let's never forget that we are technicians before being resellers! Our cards do not arrive all ready but are completely assembled and tested individually with us. It does not cost more, on the contrary, and allows to be extremely reactive to any evolution.

2-The distribution of the electric charge

The main reason for the low life of some supergun is the poor distribution of the electric charge.

Small simple course of electricity, take the example of a soldering iron on: if you touch its extremity, you will burn but you will not electrocute you.


Electricity is composed of an intensity (in amps) and a voltage (in volts).

Let's say for simplicity that volts electrocute while amps heat up.

A soldering iron has at its end a lot of amperes and very few volts. This is the principle of all electrical systems that heat such as ... deep fryers, irons, electric heaters, ovens and ..... game cards.

Indeed, a card game that is jamma or other consumes mainly 5V but also and especially a lot of amperes. It is therefore necessary to maximize the size of the power supply tracks to reduce the heating (I remember seeing the track 5V of my 1st supergun grilling under my eyes while I tested a particularly greedy card). So I have made sure that the size of the tracks are the largest on the market to ensure the longest life of the supergun to those who will trust me.There again the quality does not cost more to produce, it is not is a question of knowing and knowing how to do.

Just look at the size of the power tracks of the card (they are similar on the pro gamer and the essential you see here):

3- The quality of the JAMMA connector:

When the JAMMA standard was created, it planned to use an industrial grade connector, to assume the wet storage, the frequent change of card, etc ... (the Japanese do not joke with the quality). This 56 pins blue connector was extremely reliable. In recent years have appeared black "standard jamma" connectors that free jamma in the name of all quality guarantees provided by the standard (finer pins, uncontrolled assembly, etc ...) allowing compatible low cost connectors but not allowed by the standard.

We have chosen to reduce our margins but to include a real quality connector, recognizable by its blue color and its reference:

The essential supergun coupled to the megadrive autofire and a 6-button controller:

Who is Retroelectronik?

We are a very young and small French company (creation at 15/07/2016) which manufactures as much as possible its products in France. Thus, the supergun essential is entirely designed and assembled in France. It is naturally also shipped from France.

Attention, the explanations which follow concern only the products which we develop in own and which are therefore stamped retroelectronik. We are also resellers and the products we resell are mostly imported, we also love quality foreign products.

All products marked retroelectronik are currently designed and assembled in France.

We have indeed invested in efficient production tools that allow us to assemble in France for a price close to foreign outsourcing and this allows us greater responsiveness and flexibility in our production. So we are also master of quality of manufacture.

do you want to help us? So let us know your comments, functions could be added to our products. Finally, talk about us if you are satisfied with us, contact us if you are not, there is always a solution to everything!
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