colecovision zif homebrew player - eprom to cartridge adapter

Colecovision Homebrew Player ZIF - eprom to cartridge adapter

Colecovision ZIF Homebrew Player - eprom to cartridge adapter cart modding and development


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With the Colecovision homebrew player you can keep your games new and even play with them.You can program and test demos,homebrews,etc... you can also replace an out of order cartridge,etc... With its Socket, eproms are removable without soldering/desoldering.
This Homebrew player uses the common 27C256 eproms for roms up to 256Kb ( 32KB ). So all games,demos,homebrews released will work with it. I also sell some eproms 27C256. This offer includes programmation for the case you wouldn't have an eprom programmer 
Technically,it's not such impressive but compared to a flash system,well, I just don't like to choice my game on a screen ,i want it to be mechanical,to physically have to change game , or I just feel like in an emulator,that's the reason why i've choiced a rom based system;I have a beautiful deluxe wood box with my ROM collection,it's not just a mini-SD.
 Please take a look at the english video below and feel free to contact me if you have any question,
Thank you for looking,

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