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Sega Megadrive Homebrew Player ZIF- eprom to cartridge adapter cart modding and development

Sega Megadrive and Genesis Homebrew Player - eprom to cartridge adapter cart modding and development


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With the Megadrive / genesis homebrew player you can keep your games new and even play with them.You can program and test demos,homebrews,etc... you can also replace an out of order cartridge,etc... With its Socket, eeproms are removable without soldering/desoldering. A cheaper Vectrex Homebrew player with simple socket is also available,just a little bit less convenient.
This Homebrew player uses the common EPROM 27C322 (32Mb / 4MB) but it also works with commons M27C800 , M27C400 and M27C160.   I also sell some eproms 27C322 in my ebay shop. This offer includes programmation for the case you wouldn't have an eprom programmer.
It's just perfect if you prefer to play demos and homebrew directly on a real megadrive better than on a simple emulator. It's also awesome if you want to test your own developments in seconds. You may also want to play translations of games that you own. Last but not least if you want to do cart modding or to repair a faulty cartridge,it's the best way to test your EPROM prior to soldering it on your cartridge's PCB. 
So this cartridge is just a simple and cheap all in one toolbox for you and your SEGA Megadrive 
Technically,it's not such impressive but compared to a flash system,well, I just don't like to choice my game on a screen ,i want it to be mechanical,to physically have to change game , or I just feel like in an emulator,that's the reason why i've choiced a rom based system;I have a beautiful deluxe wood box with my ROM collection,it's not just a mini-SD.
About all games,demos,homebrews released will work with it.The only ones that won't work are Street Fighter II ( higher than 32Mb, but I've found some roms image of less than 32Mb that are perfectly working) ,Virtua Racing (has an extra Sega Virtua Processor in the cartridge) and a few games with RAM (mainly sports games,but also sonic 3 , Wonder Boy in Monster World/Wonder Boy V - Monster World III,some Megaman - the Wily Wars/Rockman MegaWorld,etc...)
Please take a look at the english video below and feel free to contact me if you have any question,
Thank you for looking,

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