gx4000 and cpc rom adapter homebrew player

GX4000 Homebrew Player - eprom to cartridge adapter

Amstrad GX4000 / CPC+ Homebrew Player - eprom to cartridge adapter cart modding and development


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Stop destroying these poor amstrad cartridge to test new games , demo or homebrews ,the solution is here !
With the homebrew player you can keep your games new and even play with them.You can program and test demos,homebrews,etc... you can also use an original eeprom removed from an out of order cartridge,etc...With its socket, roms are so easy and safe to change. Please take a look at the english video below and feel free to contact me if you have any question,
The GX4000 Homebrew player works with 27C1001 (128KB) ,27C2001 (256KB) and 27C4001 (512KB). And even if Games released until now are equal or less than 128KB, the GX4000 videogame system can manage up to 512KB.So if future demos or homebrews would use up to 512 KB (4096Kb),the GX4000 Homebrew Player could still been used to launch them!
Compared to a flash system,well, I just don't like to choice my game on a screen ,i want it to be mechanical,to physically have to change game , or I just feel like in an emulator.
If you don't have some 27C1001/2001/4001 Eproms or if you don't have an eeprom programmer, please check my ebay store,I also have some lot of eproms to sale
Thanks for looking,

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