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Supergun arcade ProGamer

An advanced,reliable and dramatically polyvalent arcade supergun

Please note that you'll need an RGB input,SCART or video adapter

Exclusive ProGamer features  :

- Autofire included

- Voltmeter included

- RGB pots to manage each color

- Auto Generated -5V (1W max)

- Easier configuration only by switchs (no Jumpers)

- Multiple Audio OUT
db15 D-sub to terminal blocks adapter Retroelectronik for Supergun and Neo Geo ,
great to connect an hacked pad or a custom panel to your NeoGeo or supergun system
Please note that if you want to play on an original SNK NEO GEO AES system, you will need to use for example a NEO GEO Controller extension cable as the db15 included on the neogeo AES is not really standard and needs a longer female connector to connect.