Pi2SCART&VGA Scart 15Khz and VGA 31Khz video outputs hat for Raspberry  Pixel Perfect emulation

Pi2SCART&VGA Scart 15Khz and VGA 31Khz video outputs hat for Raspberry Pixel Perfect emulation

Retroelectronik offers the first 2in1 video output system , a scart for 15Khz Pixel Perfect retrogaming emulation and a VGA output for 31khz and up standard VGA video screens.
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pi2scart retroelectronik
Retroelectronik Pi2scart&VGA is a 2in1 Raspberry to VGA666 and 15Khz RGB scart video outputs
Scart at 15Khz offers the exact pixel def of consoles from the 80's and the 90's . This is actually what we call the " Pixel Perfect " , the best possible retrogaming emulation :) It's even better with an old CRT TV equipped with a SCART connector . Compliant with Retropie , mame, hyperpie,etc...
Stereo (or mono) sound comes from the raspberry jack output to the pi2scart&vga
Can be used with Raspberry 2B, 3B, 3B+, 4, etc... (Raspberry not included )

The SCART connector :
pi2scart retroelectronik focused on scart
Operates in RGB (all colors have a dedicated wire + one more for sync purpose)  for the best possible video quality.
 ( SCART can also operate in 1 wire mode using NTSC,PAL or SECAM standard but with a huge loss in video quality )
As far as I know , our pi2scart and vga is compliant with all pre made 15Khz retropie distributions available for download
VGA connector :
pi2scart retroelectronik focused on VGA
This Output is compliant with all frequencies handled by your vga monitor .
It's also 100% compliant with Gert VGA / VGA666 adapters 
Perfect if you want to use an old CRT VGA monitor or just if your monitor doesn't have an HDMI input .
If your monitor can handle such a frequency , 24Khz EGA signals are also available for pixel perfect EGA arcade racing games.
Connecting both vga and scart outputs at the  same time :
As both outputs are wired together it would be theorically possible. But scart monitors need a 15Khz fixed frequency while VGA screens accept generally speaking at least 31Khz . Some VGA screens accept 15Khz frequency but they're quite rare . 
Pack content :
- pi2scart and VGA
- Audio Jack-Jack cable

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