VGA Advance SCANLINE GENERATOR scanlines + COVER for Mame arcade and emulators


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ADVANCED VGA SCANLINES GENERATOR from Retroelectronik + Insulation cover (color may vary)
emulates an old CRT monitor , add scanlines to your VGA monitor / modern TV and play with your emulator / Pandora's box / Video Game system  !
Here is the result with my Pandora's Box 3 :
No Scanlines :

Small scanlines :

Big scanlines :

About the scanlines Generator itself :

The Optional power supply is useless as the system is self powered by the VGA connector but sometimes ( for exemple with some pandora's box ) The VGA conn doesn't give enough power and so in these rare case you can use an external 5V power supply. Our scanline generator is the only one to offer this feature.

The Scanline Generator with the Retroelectronik's supergun , a Pandora's Box 3 and a Genesis / Megadrive pad :
(not included,may be bought separately in my ebay shop  )

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