Arcade Jamma Supergun Essential Basic Retroelectronik polyvalent and reliable

Our small team has worked on a simple but reliable and dramatically polyvalent supergun to give you the best Value for money

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Our small team has worked on a simple but reliable and dramatically polyvalent supergun to give you the best Value for money

The Supergun Essential Basic, is very similar to the Supergun Essential, only the JAMMA connector is different
by its black color and terminal blocks (KF-301) are not soldered ! 
You can obviously still solder the terminal blocks by yourself if you need them.

supergun retroelectronik jamma mak global view

With Cover :


Global view of your the Essential (terminal blocks aren't soldered on the basic released and the Jamma conn is a black Chinese one) :

mak supergun arcade jamma retroelectronik

Retroelectronik Supergun Features :

- The widest compatibility List,this supergun works works with about all arcade game card including JAMMA,JAMMA+ , neogeo MVS,PGM IGS,extended JAMMA like Pandora's Box,little Elf , 60 in 1 , etc...
- No soldering ! All the configuration is done throughout jumpers and switchs
- Can be powered by an arcade power supply or an ATX 20 / 24 pins standard power supply
- Controls can be connected throughout 2 X hd15 NEOGEO pads compatible (extended to accept 6 butttons) connectors or terminal blocks for example if you want to connect it to an arcade panel. Genesis/megadrive pads 3/6 boutons may also be used with our optional genesis / megadrive to neogeo adapter .
- RGB scart for TV and RGB terminal blocks for RGB monitors
- Sound from terminal blocks and 3.5mm audio jack connector, Mono/Stereo compatible using a switch
- A kick harness connector to use 6 buttons JAMMA+ games like street fighter 2,MK or Fighter's History

We also have the widest range of accessories available for our supergunto expend its functionalities. simoe examples : an IGS PGM 4 players extension , an autofire system, a SEGA GENESIS 2 NEOGEO pad + autofire,customs kick harness,covers,etc...

The Retroelectronik genesis/megadrive2neogeo pad adapter also available (but not included with the supergun) :

The Retroelectronik supergun essential in details :

HD-15 controls wiring schematic (compatible with neogeo original pads) :

Kick Harness wiring Schematic (mainly used with JAMMA + game PCBs) :

The quality of the system :

We've designed the RetroelectroniK supergun to be the most reliable .

Using the biggest possible power track to ensure a long life of your supergun ,just look at the track size :

Using an ATX 24 pins connector for power supply (retro compatible with 20 pins ATX power supply)

an old ATX power supply that still has the -5V connected to the supergun essential (terminal blocks have to be soldered separately concerning Basic edition) :

supergun mak jamma retroelectronik


The Retroelectronik supergun essential system with the genesis2neogeo autofire adapter and a 6 buttons sega pad:

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