Packard2MP3 system

Packard2MP3 dedicated to Packard Pla-mor and Buckley Music Box

The packard2mp3 system is a part of the wallbox2mp3 project but dedicated to the Plamor packard wallbox

you can find all needed informations in the official website :


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The packard / buckley wallbox are not included !

To see it operating,please take a look at the youtube video below

The thirst wallbox2mp3 systems are ready ! The Packard2mp3 is a part of them but dedicated to the Seburg DEC wallbox.We’ve officially launch them on the famous event ” Rock around the Jukebox ” of Rosemalen that is certainly the best jukebox event in Europe.

ThePackardMP3 kit recreates the original operating conditions of your Wallbox PACKARD PLA-MOR and Buckley music box.In less than 2 hours you will have achieved the installation of the kit and you'll be able to enjoy long hours of music you have loaded in a simple SD card. The selection's choice will be issued as original by turning the wallbox knob to align the label on the side arrows. The music will start after introducing a coin of 5 cents (nickel) Kit contents : - electronic management board - link cable PCB / Wallbox (1.5m). - 5 volt supply for the card and the wallbox - Lot resistors to be installed in the wallbox - 2 LED bulbs optional on request - models for making labels for download on the site
Please check our other items. We've also released a universal wallbox2mp3 , A Melotone dedicated to solotone and melotone wallbox and a DEC2mp3 dedicated to Seeburg DEC wallbox systems.  

Its main assets are :

  • A built in mp3 player ( no ipod needed ) , everything is in the box
  • A built in stereo audio amplifier
  • A free software to setup your packard2mp3 in few minutes.Moreover the software offer the ability to generate customized titlestrops pre filled with artists and song titles (it retreives these informations throughout your mp3 files Idtags if exist,so it won’t work if your music comes for exemple from youtube).The software is free and so you can download and test it from the manufacturer of the wallbox2mp3 prior to buy.
  • - Emulator complete and autonomous, with its own audio mp3 decoder chip to operate
  •  - Built in Audio Amplifier, it can be directly connected to the speackers of your wallbox if it provides some or any other without requiring an external amplifier. 
  • - Built in jack connector, allowing to be connected to an amplified speakers, a stereo system or a Bluetooth transmitter ...
  •  - Programmable random music, if you do not make a selection during a given time, the wallbox can play random music. 
  • - Creating your music selection and titlestrips is simplified thanks to the free wallbox2mp3 application that supports Windows, Mac and Linux. - Easy Configuration owing to the free software provided 
  • - The wiring can be done without modifying your consolette .
Contents of your packard2mp3 kit :
- A Packard2mp3 motherboard
- A 220V / 110V power adapter 5V (UK,US or EU plug on demand)
- The user manual (to download)
 - The software Wallbox2mp3 (to download)
What you'll also need and we do not provide :
 - Electrical wire
 - A small set of tools (screwdriver, wire stripper, wire cutter)
- A power cord with plug for your location
- A SD card

Examples :
A Packard2mp3 mounted in a Packard Pla-mor ( sorry,this video is in french,we're going to rapidly do a better one in english )  :

A Packard2mp3 mounted inside a Buckley music box ( sorry,this video is in french,we're going to rapidly do a better one in english )  : 

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